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the election is over, we move on and do what we need to do to make our city better. >> where do you place yourself on the political spectrum? are you more progressive, centrist, or more on the conservative side? >> that's a really challenging question because, i mean, throughout the campaign i made sure that i didn't define myself as either because i think that what it does is in a lot of ways, it divides our city. i think clearly when you have a desire to run, you have a desire to serve. you really care about what happens in san francisco. you just have a different way of which you believe we should go about doing that. and i just think that i don't necessarily see myself in one particular category because i have different feelings about different situations based on my various experiences of growing up in the city. and, so, my, my, my commitment to san francisco trumps any ideaology i might have. i mean, i'm going to need to make decisions that impact people's lives. i have to make sure that i'm being responsible in those decisions and i can't let ideology get in the way of that. >> it
the pointed of living in the city i have 35 people who was born in the city and county of san francisco that lives near. i understand your requester honestly the cheatness and availability of conference and tools like a hub make it easier to get a job it's not demographics. the reason you have hiring here is because it's san francisco but it's not going to be a good place for back manufacturing >> how many people in this room were born in san francisco. all right. 4 human resources how many people went to college in the bay area so i presume all of the rest of you are imports. how many people have children that were born here? >> how many people worry about the lottery system. i think we have one more question. can you actually walk up to the mike right here. oh, did you have a question? yeah. right here >> one question i would like to ask you technology has made corruption much easy and if you could ask san francisco what policies would make it easier either the city level or national level what are some of the careers from the police society who what would it be. >> access to v
in more than 60 different locations in our city. we're making it vent and part of the way we live in this very quality area of the san francisco bay area. city government installed 40 percent of those free charging stations 90 in our garages and airport. we add to that our fleet is 1 hundred percent alternative fuel bio electric or diesel fuel. again, thank you for your leadership you've been working on those vehicles but in those complicated areas of the apartment buildings that don't have a clear ownership or leadership in some of those buildings and because of the murpt charge st. a they've helped 34 apartment buildings across this area. whether it's our own employees or for the public-private companies they're playing an important role in making e v infrastructure available in our city. our department environment has been working with the business council to reach out to the entire business community in san francisco and help companies start the process of making themselves e v ready. mufrdz and clean energy and technical companies are working with the good times and company o
't rest on that being the only thing we do. similar to san francisco we're a beautiful city but we have got to deal and create a public relationship. i know they're working with any silicon valley and san francisco-based companies to evolve this city. i know that the colleague is a medical doctor. you you know what we're doing in mission bay people's approach sometimes and oftentimes reflect their professional out along on things. i want to acknowledge that his push the ability to blend and create biotechnology campuss involve smart city approaches to know. we're going to sit down our staffs and talk about all those topics on zero waste. i'm so glad we have this opportunity that while the sister city agreement we've worked hard on needs to be extended and renewed and we do this on the mayors trip to san francisco so we can have the quality time for our communities to work together and make sure the city's represent the leadership they need. so with that if i may bring to the podium the mayor from barring also known as (clapping) >> mr. mayor lee as a wholly want to thank you for your h
share program plannings for expansion for city wide roll out. >> thank you i requested this hearing on bike sharing in san francisco to receive an update on the initial roll out of the initial pilot program as well as future anticipated and much desired growth of the program so it can become a city wide program a few months ago we launched bay area bike share in san francisco san mateo and santa clara counties and that will increase to 500 bikes next year. bike sharing is a very important part of the future of transportation in san francisco in terms of becoming truly a transit first city we all want to have more access to biking in san francisco and this is a key part of that strategy. for people who have bikes they may not want to carry those bikes around with them all the time and having the option to be without your bike and still bike when necessary is important and in addition there are people that don't own a bike but they want to be able to bike when they need to get somewhere and muni or driving or walking isn't necessarily an option. so transit first is about giving peo
city government and the people that we serve. we've met in every district of the city. we've worked with our elected city family. we listened to hundreds of community leaders and providers who help us deliver services to the people of san francisco. and it's because of this consensus approach that i'm proud to propose a responsible and balanced two-year budget that reflects the core values that we share in san francisco, values of fiscal responsibility, social responsibility, and investing in our city's future. when we began this year's budget, we began like many years before, trying to reduce significant budget deficits. but because we have pursued policies to control costs, grow our economy, create jobs and stabilize our fiscal health, this year i'm proposing a budget that protects our social safety net, one that increases public safety, and one that invests in our city's infrastructure at unprecedented levels. and it is a budget that significantly grows our city's reserves. this budget is being delivered as san francisco's economy is recovering, going, and moving in the right dir
through economics but culture and every aspect of the cities life (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping). >> more many years we've seen latino impact san francisco for so many ways. we've seen san francisco grow and it's amazing celebrations alongside with impacting policies with the city of san francisco. this year once again, we're honoring young people and showing the excellence on and he impact our lives and families. this year we've identified many community based organizations and have highlighted a pitcher with the san francisco school district to highlight the services we have here in san francisco >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> we would like to thank all the parents and the community members and the dignitaries that are celebrated the lives of young people here, no san francisco. >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping). >> and now it's my honor to introduce a special guest our mayor edwin lee. he's worked horde or hard to
. the benefits of free wi-fi in san francisco are many. not only will it further open up our parks and our city to innovation, to education, and includetionthv i. for all san francisco residents, but it's also as i mentioned before a significant step towards bridging our digital divide in our city. it provides local groups and community residents access to the internet they might not have had before, as well for our rec and park department as phil knows all too well many rec centers still use dial up service. when we think about registering our children for camps and play grounds, what we need to do in our daily lives, but also our government on a daily basis to use technology, this will be an incredible boone to our rec and park department and something we should all be very excited about. in terms of the details of the gift, google is providing a $600,000 financial gift to our city with no strings attached. i think a lot of the prior debate around free wi-fi in san francisco that never moved forward was because of different questions about business models or so forth, to emphasize this is a f
to emphasize we appreciate here in the city and county of san francisco all the latinos that are out there working day in and out. i want to honor the folks who have clean up the places that workday in and out to sustain the city silently at times but we have roots here in this state. we fray many, many generations and keep building strong community and encourage our young people to get their potential and to definitely definitely pass the word we must not ends our lives with violence with education and prospering in our economies in this state >> check her out yeah. >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping) and talking about a woman who helped save brave have a stacey. and talking about latinos there was a >> (speaking spanish.) >> all my people there was a study it came out that showed to latinos not only live in the excelsior we live in the south of market and pacific heats and every district in san francisco and thank you, dr. local. but we've got a lot of work to do. we talked about those accomplishments the latinos are making with you right now supervisor campos says we're 200
city people like lou our librarian and our director of public health and rich the superintendent of our school district. yes (clapping) and i i know i'm going to miss a few but i want to single out those i've worked with closely and we have so many things going on that i'm proud of. we have a lot to celebrate. this year has been a year of success and there's so much it's going on. you may already know who important chiropractics of our california latino community it's one of the most faster growing populations if the state of california. its also a very young population. and i'm looking around the countryside you're all younger than manufacture me. tonight is a special occasion to celebrate our youth in san francisco because you represent the 1 hundred percent of our city. so i'm glad to be here tonight. guess what we've been able to celebrate our unemployment rate is 5.6 percent. a lot of people are working. and you know why we're the third lowest that but san mateo we hire all those people. we won't be satisfied until everybody has a job because i know that's what we all want (
payments from the fund only as the cities account balances to fully funded it has to be large enough to pay for the costs as they're due and thus, the cities total payroll costs can't go over 10 percent. they must allow the payment and they're limited to no more than 10 percent of the cities account or the governor and the trust board passed it. they would allow only if the agrees fund account or two-thirds of the agencies funding board and the trust board productive. a yes vote means you want to change the charter from the health care trust funneled only under specified circumstances a no vote i don't want to make those changes. i'm here with supervisor marking feral and he proponent of preparing >> thanks. having me. i'd like to start with supervisor farrell why do you believe this prop a is important >> i started working on this when our city controller said we have a 4.4 blindfolds liability. number one we have retirees who worked long and a hard tossed the city of san francisco and workers that are feasor full. that's something we want to avoid and fight against we want to make sure
hero in the city. i'm proud to bring up possibly the next mayor. this guy is responsible for bringing one weekend in august bringing over 10 thousand filipinos to congregate at the center and please welcome mr. al perez (clapping (clapping.). hello, everyone and happy filipino heritage month. i'm the president of the arts exhibition. it's an all volunteer exhibition to promote the best filipino heritage through the artists. through our community cultural events we pope hope to foster community empowerment. we hold this ever august. i want to invite you all to come open saturday november 16th is the warriors filipino heritage night. i think the contributions or tickets are selling out fast. they opened another one on the 7. so sunday november 17th is the san francisco bulls filipino heritage night. in fact, we're here with the ray hide so get our tickets now. on saturday november 23rd we're working to put on our fourth custodial any show down so that's free admission and finally, there's next year february 23rd we're working with cal bears filipino heritage game. so you'll hear more ab
parking and increased revenue to the port and city. if you vote yes open prop b you want to approve the 8 development site if you vicinity no on prop b i don't want to approve the washington street development project. i'm here with alec the proponent of propose b and c ambassador we're also joined by on opponent of the measure >> i'd like to a start with mr. barb why are you for this as opposed to. >> i'm for the proposition because i cared about the san francisco project & using the waterfront i see this as an opportunity to open up the waterfront by opening up streets that were closed in the dark redevelopment stage when the freeway was here blocked by fence and further made ugly by a parking lot. we need in this 3 blocks open vitality spates housing over retail shops and cafes and restaurants we need to turn those into something that's a benefit for people walking along and enjoying the embarcadero >> why are you against it. >> we're using a no vote on prop b and c. number one it changes the height all along this particle of the waterfront to almost double the size the freeway tha
been a long-time coming. over the years the city was disjointed privately owned companies. horses and steam and electric-powered vehicles. creating a hodgepodge of transit options. none of them particularly satisfying to city residents. the city transit system like the city itself would have changes during the san francisco earthquake. the transition that will pursue from this aftermath would change san francisco's transportation system once again. facilitated by city boss, abe ruth, ushering in the electric city car. the writing was on the wall. the clammer had begun for the experiment including public transit people. owned by the people and for the people. the idea of a consolidated city-owned transit system had begun traction. and in 1909, voters went to the polls and created a bond measure to create the people's railway. would become a reality three years later. on december 28, 1912, mayor sonny rolph introduced the new geary electric streetcar line and the new san francisco railway. that he said would be the nucleus that would host the city. and san francisco gave further inc
district supervisor when we'll be back with another round of our 11 city supervisors. sore sfgov-tv, i'm nona melkonian. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello, welcome to meet our district supervisor. i've neon norm from district 7 which includes accident twin peaks and san francisco wood and other neighbors neighborhood today, we'll get to know him and talk about the tough issues. welcome supervisor thank you for joining us let's talk about our background. i was born in san francisco and i grew up in the north area and basically went to the public schools and jean parker and san frays parker. i lived in this area and from there, i went to city college then i went to cal and received my bachelors in civil engineer and worked there for about a decision that's not where my passion was so i left the job and went back to school and never turned back. that's what i've been doing pretty much all my life in the classroom or working on organizations that will focus on children and families. that's a little bit about my bathed >> born and raised san franciscan good for you. why did you choose to s
are safer, we have survived the recession, our city has produced an economic impact report that speaks to our value as an industry, we are looking forward to the next economic impact report on daytime events and festival and we continue to improve our permitting process most recently the help of supervisor scott wiener extending limited live permits to d j's. today we are introducing to the best i am practices manual based in security and we are discussing issues that are veflt relevant to us all. the 90s, san francisco nightlife awards recognized excellent and creative content and patron experience in the nightlife industry. we as an industry deserve that recognition. and now, a few highlights from the 90s. >> welcome to the 2013, 90 awards and the san francisco entertainment commission.♪ [ applause ] some people think the highlights were of van a white. i kind of thought it was jocelyn king in her hat. it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you now the president of the board of supervisors, david chiu. [ applause ] >> thank you, audrey, i'm sorry to have missed that 90s party.
helps to make the difference. >> that contributes dramatically to the way that the city as a whole can recover. >> absolutely. >> if you are able to control your own environment and house and recovery and your neighbors are doing the same the city as a whole will be a more resilient city. >> we are all proud of living in san francisco and being prepared helps us stay here. >> so, thank you so much for joining us today, alicia, i appreciate it. >> absolutely, it is my pleasure. >> and thank you for joining us on another edition of building good evening and welcome to tonight's meeting of the commonwealth club in formed division, connect your intellect. that is our tagline. i am the president of the inform board. tonight, we have larry hardy. the founder of burning man and he is here to talk about the amazing place and phenomenon known as black rock city. he is one of the original planners and architects. we are going to talk about the path of burning man, the future as well. before we jump into the question that had to do with what is going on, tell us about your new headquarters and ho
be running one one day. as some of you know city target a relatively new development to commencement the consequence and friendly shopping experience to this neighborhood. this city take the will offer local manufactures to meet the needs off our guests. we are very excited to provide a place for people to work for those who live nearby and ride muni. we intend to continue our reputation of being a good neighbor in the local community. navigate in 2012 target attributed over 1 and a half million dollars to organizations in the san francisco community (clapping) thank you just last friday, a one hundred and 50 target team members from all over the bay air come out to volunteer their time in the excelsior district to make over their library. target attributed a total of $200,000 completing redesigning the new space and provided 2 thousand books to the staff and students and provided new first one and including many ipads every sibling got to take home a backpack. targeted is a huge supporter of arts and cultural institutions we invite bay areas he phone numbers phoning to come to neigh
the 1 hundred percent of our city. so i'm glad to be here tonight. guess what we've been able to celebrate our unemployment rate is 5.6 percent. a lot of people are working. and you know why we're the third lowest that but san mateo we hire all those people. we won't be satisfied until everybody has a job because i know that's what we all want (clapping) >> and i see a lot of friends in labor people working contracts business and construction all are helping us out we've got lee good leaders as well. in this year's city budget we have investment in our school budget. guess what they are comfortably as we go on in dramatic dramatic form and this year for the first time in our cities history nearly $50 million is going to our public schools and $25 million in universal preschools that's another great accomplished. we launched yes say thank you to the people that came up with the money. and it's going to end up not no bureaucracy by with the kids. we launched programs that started forging our relationship with this technology companies because we want them to be part of what we
or hard to keep the economy on track. mayor lee keeps us focused on keeping san francisco a city that celebs education and health care and the environment for our future generations (clapping) >> (speaking spanish.) >> (clapping). >> thank you. i had no idea what you that but it sounded pretty good. everyone welcome to the city hall our people's hall in san francisco. and i am here to join i in celebrated latino heritage month. i want to thank a number of dignitaries that i know who have worked with me. we have the council general of japan and the mongol council and counsel generalizes representing nick away wag and others countries our friends (clapping) >> i see our colleagues on the board president chiu. thank you david chu for being here (clapping) i might not see them immediately but i know that supervisor john avalos and george will be here shortly. and then i also see jeff our public defenders public defender for being here that you are ladies and gentlemen, we're also very rich with latino leaders in our department and to name some of them on behalf of the whole city
. narrator: cities and municipalities across the united states are now facing this funding gap, between projected revenue and projected expenses, as they strive to maintain water quality and meet demand. new york is the most densely populated city in the u.s. and over 40 million tourists visit the city every year. the 1.3 billion gallons of water required every day are delivered by a system of extraordinary scale and complex engineering. man: water is essential to the economic viability of new york city. reliable infrastructure and reliable delivery of water is a must. you have to reinvest in the infrastructure every single minute to keep it current. hurwitz: we have the stock exchange, we have the united nations -- failure can have a dramatic impact on the nation, and even internationally. so there's a really keen awareness that you always have to be fixing the system. things corrode, they rust. they get to where you turn them on and nothing happens. but it is so totally used in every nook and cranny, that making any accommodation to shut it down, to do something to it, is very difficu
in a city where the whole world wants to be. >> it is a great place to be. >> it is a great place to be. how do you balance the needs of your district versus the needs of the city as a whole? >> i have an incredibly diverse district. it encompasses north beach and chinatown. we have the city's famous hills. we have for the world comes to work, the financial district's, where the world comes to shop in union square, where the tourists spend time on fisherman's wharf , and the wonderful polk street neighborhoods. my district encompasses the ethnic and economic diversity that exists throughout the city. i think my district is emblematic of the entire city. you can find every political perspective you can possibly want in district 3. oftentimes, the interests of my district and the city are aligned. i do not have to think about those differences quite as often as some of my colleagues may have to. >> let's talk about the budget situation. we have been faced with some tough budget decisions again, including where to make cuts and whether or not to increase taxes. how will you approached these har
green cities and a low carbon future away from fossil fultsdz fuels. mayor lee what is san francisco doing your projection was a leader and you're not out there as much what is san francisco doing to modify tarnished a low carbon future like new york and other cities have seen >> first of all, mayor newsom when he made some announcements i was through and said okay. i'll do it and get it done. i was the led of his whole electric - we created the whole region for things that have to get regional so the electric vehicle nafblths my car is a chevy volt. i hardly ever get past the 40 miles so electric vehicles - >> they run on electricity. >> exactly. but we're building the infrastructure to welcome m that in we worked region alley to do so and that will be a my priority and the gofrnl came down to nouns another - he wanted to go from moon beam to sunbeam (laughter) >> and at the same time creating businesses small businesses that support that that whole infrastructure i want to explore my wind and certainly solar power is a huge conversation in san francisco. we are working hard to
to cut this. as this board knows well i have always supported city schools and never think this is a bad expenditure of our dollars. san francisco has made an incredible front in the last several years to increase access to the programs and increase the quality of the programs citywide. the citywide collaboration is known in expanding known in collaborative and lead by dcyf. in terms of active collectively we have 70 percent of k through 8 children want to enroll in one. as though this is a much higher percentage, we would like to see more access. project k through fund has been an important program and we would like to see this improve. i'm proud to have served on the first year of the prop age fund advisory committee that helps guide originally how it's allocated the first $10 million for the 55,000 students whether it was on libraries, arts, sports, bathrooms, and many other needs that our schools have. when you visit our schools which i know many of you do and i did every would elk that i served on the school board, you see what these dollars do for the children. one of the primary
to make match the excitement edify the city. i appreciate where i visited before until now is 3 times the space your increasing rapidly and europe one of the initial partners and joined ron conway and others additional 6 other companies to help me not only the excitement of the growth of item but the eyes of it in everyday lives and how to improve that and, of course, creating platforms to use the information we have yet to expose to the public. i i know one of the things we're doing together is to get the data auto of the bureaucrats hands to where the data can be used. but i know that again get hub plasma is based on anorexia nervosa and in many citizens it supports the tech destroy was it has to over. i just a minute ago probably the closet i'll be to the presidential look if i walk through the oval office i was laborer for the marine guard but i'm going to take the opportunity to the next time i will see president obama i will soon tell him that there is an office it fits really well, in san francisco. i'm proud on behalf of our city and on the on behalf of san francisco i'm proud
i appreciate supervisor kim's question. i would ask the city attorney the question differently. is there a reasonable argument here that the controlling date is in fact a later date in this case? is that a reasonable? is that a reasonable argument to be made that it's the case here? >> john from the city attorneys office. it's a difficult question to respond to in light of for example supervisor kim acknowledging that there might be tenant groups that might want to challenge the interpretation. i would be reluctant as a legal matter to support that interpretation. the language is pretty clear to me that it's issuance of a notice and it doesn't pertain, it doesn't talk about when the tenant is evicted. it doesn't talk about the tenant at all in the definition. so i do think it's reasonable to take the position that it's this particular notice of termination. >> i understand that, but the fact that you are not willing to say that it's reasonable to take the other position or it's unreasonable to take the other position is troubling actually. and sort of makes it seem like in fa
of the sunshine ordinance and the brown act. they then next directed a city employee to release the letter on official stationery to the san francisco bay guardian and to the public. after we raised these questions, they said we'll track it after it had been used legally. today i will discuss specifics about this letter. today i just want to ask this. did mr. herrera learn to act illegally from the library commission or vice versa. personally, i think they have been colluding so long to e evade the law it's simply second nature for now. this was done completely unlawfully violation of the brown act all of this was done with private conversations between those board members led by gomez who is already recommended for removal. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. the libraries action go on and compound. but the supervisors, your body is looking the other way and so you are complicity is very sad and inappropriate thing. last week i mentioned in the cover story i said it had problems that included the size of the friends group operation for example not just providing a party with
that being in a friendly family city, that being able to provide this service for these children on-site is to show a commitment to family-friendly city. i'm looking forward to the hearing which supervisor ferrel has called at the city joint committee of the board of education and look forward to working with his office and dcyf and sfusd in making this a reality. i also want to acknowledge supervisor mar and yee who will also be cosponsoring this resolution and would like everyone to attend this meeting related to the children's fund and the public enrichment education fund. the focus of these meetings is to create a shared vision for children and families and dates and locations will be happening throughout the month of november throughout the city. you can find these on dcyf our children, our city, website. the last is in memoriam that i would like to smut. -- submit. i don't have the notes on that. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar? >> thank you, madam clerk, as a single dad, i'm happy that kim has just announced that norman and i all three board presidents are in sup
of perjury, the city librarian failed to figure that out. and he also didn't seem to understand that finding such a statement is perjury, even when it is not done in front of the public official under oath. and i have to believe that someone as intelligent does not understand those matters and there must be many more city employees who do not understand, and potentially a lot of other were filing and complaints with the ftpc against the members. >> and it is the same as mr. herrera in similar amounts. >> in section ten is says that due to the records involved. and it has been side tracked from the regular duties end quote, under the sunshine ordinance and the san francisco public records act. and responding to public records requests, they are among the regular duties of every city employees. this mistakingly represents this as something that they are being taken away from their duties. it is part of their duty and any city employee who is asked for a record is a requirement and part of their job duties to provide a job response. and putting this in a report saying that they are taken away f
for being a home ground girl by being able to manage a store in our great city. congratulations to the whole team. i'm going to ask the supervisors we have london and eric mary and scott wiener my district looking for the target store. there it is. i wanted them beside me so we can be distinguished from the dog. i'm happy to be here. not only has target been such a great partner and i know we were together about a year ago to date where we opened the downtown store to the great delight of a lot of people. we had a great formula target had already worked with the mission call and the west side group and the work and development and produced a clear number of jobs and hired san francisco residents and today they've done it yet again. it's been demonstrated, you know, tiffany went through the legacies with the fluoroscopic goals the library and the constant attention to our youth which target target is finding comfortable to be doing and they're there fouror summer jobs. this store will have over 4 hundred jobs maybe up to 4 hundred and 50 and 80 percent of their hires to date are san francisco
come from a permit application and permit renewals that are applied for throughout the city and as the economy approves, the revenue from that source improves and this year, surplus of 11 percent is a significant improvement. and over the deficits that we have had in the last four years, last year, one percent and the year before that 6 percent, and the fiscal year ten is was seven percent and in nine, 16 percent and so it is nice to be back in the black. >> and also because of the budget. >> and i am sure that we will get back to the new arrivals as well. >> we are eating more dinners. >> that is true. >> and on the expenditure side we have continued to work to keep the expenses down and we were able to spend, $85,000 less than projected and a chunk of that came out of the safe ands we had a vacantcy in the department beginning last july and we held it open for a portion of the year, and again, because of the appeal volume was down, we could move forward with a fewer hands on deck, but that position is now filled and so we will not be looking for the salary savings in the c
sure that our seniors have their health care that were second of all the costs for our city a hundreds of thousands of dollars. this year as chairman of our committee b it will grow to $500 million a year over the next 20 years were so preparing prop a does make sure that our cities retirees and their health care is priority for in the further. in thirty years our 4 half a billion dollars liability will be wiped-out off the books and we'll save a lot of money from 5 hundred memorial day's a year down and those hundreds of dollars of million dollars dollars will go toward neighborhood things. and to make sure we put ourselves on a course everyone is sporting and i'm proud to be part of. mr. murphy would you recycle to speak to the opposition >> yes. thanks supervisor so far could not it's quite impressive our here to discuss that human resources as the supervisor points out the city has a whole in the retirees health care budget about the half the size of the last budget. now prop a the city sets aside money and that's not a bad thing. the idea that we can just promise things to retir
to be here in our home and thank you four joining us in city hall. i want to thank the neighborhood services we celebrate all our event in san francisco. i wanted to not spend a lot of time why we're here it's so obvious. the richness of our cult and history needs to be celebrated. i'm happy you're here who we are as the filipinos and the richness of our heritage we want to share throughout san francisco and california every day. this isn't just the most it's one of the many months we celebrate. tights high honor to be up here someone who is special to all of us mayor ed lee was sworn in on january 8th as our ferd mayor of the city and county and inform and the first asian american in the history. with this being the second largest population in the united states and the largest population in the state you mayor ed lee have made us proud. nearly 15 percent of the workforce of nearly 27 thousand employees are of filipino descent. asia a senior filipino elected official i'm proud to work side by side with a person of integrity, value and balance. his commitment to our community is demonstrated
is the information came from informational interview us with various city employees. most of whom were from parks and recreation. i don't want to highlight that. most of those employees are not educated and trained to assess and diagnosed mental health and come up with issues. however there were in the reports stated that many of the individuals who dwell in golden gate park come from drug abuse and mental health issues. chemical dependent issues weren't consulted on this report. this is about homeless people in golden gate park an they were not surveyed. there are a lot of suggestions and recommendations on how to move forward but not addressed. i believe that much can be done to make our services better and more coordinated efforts to support people. another point that i want to highlight that was mentioned in the report is that so sfpd does reach homeless outreach training and services, in the report park employees do not receive training and information on outreach on homeless and that's another potential policy issue to provide better services to homeless in the park. >> thank you, next spea
the world, and is still in use in many cities today. but cities constructed these systems before treatment was the standard. and even today's largest treatment plant doesn't have the capacity to treat the sudden volumes of water rushing through a combined system during rain. the plant is overloaded, and the excess rainwater, mixed with untreated raw sewage, is diverted straight into local waterways, creating a combined sewer overflow, or cso. there are over 700 communities in the united states with combined sewer systems. the other approach was to separate wastewater from stormwater, using two pipe networks. this separate system simply carries the stormwater away from the city. but even separate systems pollute the watershed. in developed areas, concrete and other impervious services prevent water from naturally soaking into the land. as the rainwater moves over the roads and concrete expanse, it captures trash and invisible chemicals, sending them straight to the nearest waterway -- untreated. when engineers first designed america's water infrastructure -- the drinking water, wastewater,
creek bed. and there has been a big problem with a path of destructive feral pigs that prompted the city council to propose a change in the law. the council going to allow whether to allow wild pigs to be shot within city limits they're a problem at almaden country club. >> reporter: one of the city councilmen proposing this change in the law says he's heard from his constituents, some afraid to go out on halloween venl the pigs can get up to 200 and 300 expounds can carry diseases. if the law is changed shooting a pig will require a state permit allowing that when the animal is a threat to life or property. this video taken by san jose resident ted barikmo shows the feral pigs in his neighborhood. san jose city councilman johnny cammus says they can be a threat to people. he wants to have them trapped, shot and killed within city limits. but right now, san jose law prohibits discharge of a firearm within city limits except for police, or in self-defense, today and he a councilman asked for a ordinance changing that, allowing for the discharge by a licensed trapper only for the purpose
of the advocacy groups that are working with people that are being displaced throughout the city. this is truly an epidemic. when you are dealing with a crisis you have to respond like it is a crisis. i look forward to this legislation being heard in committee and a look forward to the support and cosponsor ship to the rest of my colleagues. the rest i submit. >> thank you, we had an officer involved shooting in the marina district on sunday. i was at the crime scene a few hours afterwards. anything like that, as supervisors we take seriously and public issue is what i will always be concerned about in the district i represent. and those in district 2, we are going to have a community town hall meeting about the shooting. i'm going to host it along with chief sur, tomorrow evening at 6:00. marina middle school tomorrow evening, wednesday, 6:00. p.m.. those that are interested come out to the event. >> thank you supervisor, ferrel. supervisor kim? >> thank you. i do actually have a tomb -- couple of items to introduce today. i was not at the board meeting last week because of the sister delegat
home owners that are on a fixed income and want to continue to be home owners in the city. i think that's an issue that a lot of home owners are dealing with. and the date of whether ellis act evictions impacts your ability to buy pass this conversion. the lottery system. i have a question about the date we interpret as being the date. i understand the city attorneys argument and i understand the difficult position, but the city is interpreting this. but i have real issues with landlords taking advantage of the fact that they know an ordinance is coming down and giving a notice of eviction only 12 days before the ordinance goes into effect and rewarding those property owners evicting another senior disabled resident in our city. i don't want to tribute that to the current tic owners. what is really frustrating to me about this whole tic conversation is that so many people purchase these units and not realizing what they had done and who they evicted to that ownership in the present. that is most frustrating aspects of the tic ownership which is why identify -- i have a lot of issues bec
or not? >> john from the city attorneys office. i guess while technically there might be some ability to interpret this language this notice to the board when the tenant is given notice to vacate. it is true in this particular case, these notices were served probably within days of the november 16th, 2004, cutoff. i believe there is a circulation where one of the tenants was elderly and continued to reside for a year beyond that time. but this refers to the issuance of the notice. i will say i think as i recall because i worked on this back in 2004, before it was adopted. i think the november 16th date was a day where the piece of legislation was being heard at the board of supervisors and the amendment was made and to give everyone notice they created that date whiches the hearing date which was the land use committee or full board. >> i think it's important to have some clarity if this is an interpretation of that ordinance and at is date that we choose. there is a number of buildings i'm sure that we are considering for the bypass that may or may not interpret this ordinance be e
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